Taking back control of your fertility journey…

Living in the wait, when trying to conceive or going through assisted treatments, can be a hard path to walk. As time goes by, there is often an increased sense of pressure, along with all of the stress & anxiety this can cause.

I support individuals and couples to move from overwhelm and “just about coping”, to a place where they feel calmer, more energised… where they feel more able to live fully “in the wait”, and where their sense of hope about the future, can grow.

Putting your emotional wellbeing at the heart of your fertility journey…

I use a blend of coaching, emotions work and deep relaxation & visualisation. This is brought together in a highly personalised and transformative approach.

Together we unravel the overwhelm and explore how to navigate through emotional challenges & bring about some positive change. The process nurtures emotional wellbeing & creates space for an increased sense of connection between mind & body. This can bring emotional healing and a renewed sense of hope.

Supporting you on your pathway forward…

During our time together, clients often experience real shifts in their awareness and perspective – the ingredients for transformational change. They have the chance to rediscover their inner resources and are able to rebuild their resilience.

And whether trying to conceive naturally or going through assisted treatments such as IVF, taking care of their emotional health and mindset, not only helps clients to feel better, it supports their physical health too.

Clients often share with me that the skills, learning and insights they gain are hugely supportive, personally empowering & transformational for both their fertility journey and their life as a whole, ..and this is why I do this work.

Click here to find out more about the coaching support I offer for IVF & assisted treatments.

A friendly first phone call…

Choosing support that is right for you, is key, and so when you make an enquiry I arrange a free, no pressure telephone conversation where we can talk about the kind of support you are looking for. I can share information about how we might work together, and what our sessions might look like.

This allows us to work out if the coaching I offer is the right approach for you, right now. If it feels like a good match for us both, then we make arrangements to begin our work together. If the coaching I offer doesn’t feel quite right for your needs, I can help to signpost you to other options for support.

How we begin…

When we first start working together, we look at what is happening in your life right now and explore unhelpful barriers to living life in a positive way.  We look at some goals you would like to focus on, so we can progress with purpose. I share with you, tactics and strategies to reduce your stress levels, handle difficult emotions and navigate the day to day challenges of going through a fertility journey.

A fresh perspective on your fertility and your life…

Our sessions give you the opportunity to release deep seated fears and worries about your fertility struggles. You’ll be able to gain some renewed insight on yourself and your fertility journey and I will support you onto a pathway towards sustainable, empowering change, which can bring benefits not just to your fertility journey but your life as a whole. 

I introduce you to powerful visualisations and deep relaxations to ensure you have the opportunity to bring calmness to challenging situations you face. After our sessions together, these are provided as recordings on MP3 and are yours to keep and return to, whenever you need.

Our work together can support you to feel happier, more confident and more in control, and will help to build and nurture a supportive connection between your mind and body, as you pursue your goal to have a baby.

Is Coaching Right for You?

I am trained as a fertility coach and whilst my clients describe my sessions as hugely supportive and therapeutic, I am not a therapist and so I don’t offer therapy. If you feel you need a counselling service with a specialist therapist who is trained in mental health, talk to your doctor or get in touch with the British Infertility Counselling Association or  British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy  to find a registered counsellor.

If you are unsure about the difference between what I offer as a fertility coach, and the counselling support you can get from a infertility counsellor, you can find out more here.