Transformative Fertility Coaching

When I was training to be an acupuncturist over 10 years ago, one of the first things I learnt was how Traditional Medicine had recognised for over 2000 years, the complete interconnectedness of our emotional wellbeing and our physical health. So by tending to our emotional health we also bring far reaching benefits to our body. This is something that has only latterly been accepted by Western Medicine.

In traditional oriental medicine the organs of the body are viewed differently, with our organs being linked to different emotional attributes. These connections feel instinctively insightful, and as a fertility coach this is useful knowledge to share with clients. For example the heart is not only seen as a physical pump but also the seat of our emotions and central to our fertility. Traditional acupuncture even recognises an energetic connection between the heart and the uterus.

So when looking at your fertility health, taking time to look after your emotional wellbeing is so important, and that’s where my work as a fertility coach comes in. I support my clients to understand more about their emotional wellbeing, and provide a nurturing space to look at the emotional landscape of their lives, how to work with their emotions as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by them, and how they can increase their resilience and emotional wellbeing, step by step, every day. Striving for perfection is draining. Making time to do things that bring calmness, a little joy and a sense of peace are key.

Charlotte Green is a qualified fertility coach, with over 10 years of experience, in supporting clients on their journey to parenthood. She brings a wealth of experience, empathy and compassion to her transformative sessions which she provides via zoom. You can find out more about the support she offers here.

Finding Meaningful Connection

I recently attended a fascinating online seminar that talked about the healing power of compassion – compassion for ourselves and compassion for others. Researcher Chris Germer described compassion as a fundamental resource for alleviating suffering, and explained how through care and connection, it helps to regulate our emotional responses.

A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life

Chris Germer

This is something I can relate to, both in myself, and in my clients. One simple way to bring compassion in, when facing the challenges of our everyday life is simply to ask “what would I say to a dear friend in this situation?” or “what do I need to best nurture and support myself in this moment?”

Clients often describe fertility coaching with me as deeply transformative, and one of the themes at the heart of this work is compassion and the meaningful connection this brings. To find out more about the fertility coaching I offer you can read more here.