Do you feel ready?

When you have been facing the heartache of infertility, IVF & other assisted treatments can feel like a very precious opportunity.

Often though, by the time you get to this point, you may already feel worn down by your fertility struggles. And you may be trying to cope with the emotional side-effects of months or even years of failure.

IVF Support for your Mindset…

Feelings of stress, worry, fearfulness & maybe a reluctance to be hopeful, are all too common at this time. However by having support to work through these feelings, it is possible to navigate fertility treatment, in a different way.

Our IVF support sessions provide an opportunity to explore your mindset around having fertility treatment. We can then begin to work through the emotional challenges you are facing. This can bring insight, new learning and an opportunity to change the way you relate to your fertility struggles. This can be transformative.

The number of sessions we have together will vary depending on your needs and the time available. There are many ways I can support you. So we can tailor the sessions to focus on what’s important to you.

I provide tried and tested tools & techniques, including powerful visualisations & meditations, at each stage of treatment. These help to nurture the connection between your mind and body, to naturally support your fertility & your pathway to success.

IVF Support and an alternative to fertility coaching
Find the emotional support you need for IVF

Handling the difficult emotions you may have about your fertility…

We can set some goals for our time together, and then look at how you would like navigate through the stages of your fertility treatment, in a way that feels supportive for you. We can begin to look at the emotional challenges you are facing right now, and work through these to create some headspace.

I am also able to share strategies and tactics to help you cope with the day to day challenges of IVF/IUI, handle fears and anxieties connected with your treatment and work through negative thoughts and feelings as they arise. We can also take time to look at any emotional blocks that may not be serving you.

Staying calm, confident and emotionally in control…

I can share techniques to help you stay calm, confident and emotionally in control throughout each stage in your treatment. I also offer very specific support at particular times.

We explore deep relaxation, visualisation & mindfulness techniques to support your emotional wellbeing. And I help you to build & nurture a supportive connection between your mind and body. These practices are also provided as MP3 recordings which are yours to keep.

Self-care is never more important than at this time. So I can help you to identify & put in place, the changes you want to make, for you to be in the best place possible for each stage of your fertility treatment. Together we can also put together a plan to ensure you have all the support you need, at each step along the way.

Life after fertility treatment…

When your fertility treatment has finished, we can take time to look at the next steps on your journey. And the skills and insights you gain whilst working with me, will be there to support you in your future life as you move forward.

Is Coaching Right for You?

I am trained as a wellbeing coach and mindfulness & meditation teacher. My clients often describe my sessions as hugely supportive and therapeutic. However I am not a therapist and so I don’t offer therapy. If you feel you need a counselling service with a specialist therapist who is trained in mental health, talk to your doctor or get in touch with the British Infertility Counselling Association or  British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy  to find a registered counsellor.

If you are unsure about the difference between what I offer as a fertility coach, and the counselling support you can get from a infertility counsellor, you can find out more here.

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