Uncertainty, anxiety, the roller coaster of emotions…

When you’ve been facing the heartache of infertility, IVF & other assisted treatments can feel like a very precious opportunity.

Often though, by the time you get to this point, you may already feel worn down by your fertility struggles. And you may be trying to cope with the emotional side-effects of months or even years of failure.

Or perhaps if you’ve experienced failed IVF before, the thought of returning to treatment feels daunting, even overwhelming.

Do You Feel Ready For Your Fertility treatment? Many of my clients would probably say no when they first get in touch about IVF Mindset Coaching..

# It’s on my mind all the time & I easily spiral into negative thinking. I can disappear down rabbit holes for hours, even days… and then there’s google (aargh!)

# I’m feeling fearful & very negative, but what’s the point of going into treatment if I’m convinced it won’t work?

# I feel like I walk a tightrope between hope & despair. I’m really afraid to feel hopeful but without hope all the effort can feel pointless.

# It feels like the triggers are everywhere, & when I’m not trying to handle them I’m anxiously waiting for the next one… it feels like where ever I look there’s a pregnancy announcement, baby shower or news about a new born…

I’m here to show you that navigating fertility treatment can FEEL very different to this. You absolutely can feel calmer, resilient & more hopeful about the future. And you don’t need to become superhuman or a different person to do it. You just need the right support.

Handling fertility treatment is Hard…

But it might feel difficult to ask for help & you might not even be sure what to ask for. Maybe you’ve tried to go it alone so far, or have struggled through with the help of your family & friends, (who may or may not get it) & your partner, (whose probably finding it hard too).

You’ve probably tried to think positive. And, as a form of self-protection, you’ve also probably told yourself it will never happen, ..and then worried that you’re getting in your own way. You’ve perhaps tried to get support from online forums, support groups & social media.. with mixed success. And you might have tried self-care, managed it for a while then slipped back into old, unhelpful coping mechanisms to get you through.

So, what if there was a different way?

…where you had expert, caring support & no longer had to muddle through alone.. where you had space to talk & be seen & truly heard.. & where you had access to a wealth of resources & proven strategies plus mentoring on how to use them for maximum benefit.

I’m here & have over a decade of experience in this space. I’ve supported hundreds of people through the emotional turmoil of infertility & if you want to explore how we might work together, lets talk!

Research is beginning to show the benefits of Mind-Body programs for fertility treatment outcomes.

A researcher looked at the results of one significant study and said “We know a mind-body program helps [people] feel better mentally and physically, and now we also know it can lead to increased pregnancy rates with IVF.”4

Read on to find out more about what’s included in Mindset Coaching during IVF.

Ref 4: Mind-Body Programs Boost Pregnancy Rates for IVF Patients | TIME.com

fertility mindset coaching

Expert Support for your Mindset

Get the quality support you need from someone who absolutely gets your situation, cares deeply about helping you & is expert in mindset mentoring & transformational change, during infertility.

fertility mindset coaching

A New Way to Handle Emotions

Learn how to navigate difficult feelings in a new, empowering way, which will give you the confidence of knowing you can handle the challenges when they come.

fertility mindset coaching

Feel Calmer & More Resilient

Discover how to break out of the overthinking & negative thought spirals and instead have proven tools that will shift you to a space where you feel calmer, more resilient.

fertility mindset coaching

Let Go of the Past & have Space for Healing

If you’ve experienced failed treatment, previous loss or a long journey to this point, it can start to have a big impact. Have space & support to let go of the past & re-focus on your path forward, & learn how to use the power of your mind to bring yourself healing.

fertility mindset coaching

Re-find the YOU that got lost along the way

Shift out of overwhelm, anxiety & just about coping, & re-find the YOU that has become lost along the way. Gain the clarity that comes as you feel calmer, and find the headspace to make the right choices for you, going forward.

fertility mindset coaching

Find Trust in Yourself & Your Future

Discover how to authentically connect with feelings of hope in a way that feels absolutely right for you & which also allows you to start feeling more positive about yourself & the future.

Transformational Support

You will receive a completely personalised blend of 1-2-1 coaching, emotions work, deep relaxation, visualisation & meditation. This is a completely unique blend of emotional & mindset coaching support specifically designed for IVF.

This transformational toolbox brings together all of my training, experience & professional insights gained over more that a decade working in this space.

I also have master degree level training in traditional eastern medicine acupuncture, & combine the latest research in neuroscience with insights from ancient eastern traditions, in visualisation practices to support your wellbeing & your fertility at each stage of treatment.

All sessions are live on Zoom & last for 90 minutes. There are 8 core sessions in the program. However I believe in meeting you where you are & offering something that feels flexible. So you can choose fewer or more sessions depending on what you feel you need & how much time is available. You’re also completely free to progress at you own pace.

What’s Included in each Session

90 Minutes of 1-2-1 Specialist Fertility Mindset Mentoring & Transformational Coaching

A safe space to heal & to feel heard, seen & understood, with support that is as unique as you are. Leave each session feeling empowered with transformational tactics & strategies to use straight away.

MP3 Audio Recordings of unique & deeply impactful relaxations, meditations & visualisations

As a certified & accredited meditation & mindfulness teacher, with master degree level training in traditional eastern medicine acupuncture, at each session I introduce you to unique MP3 recordings which blend the latest understandings in neuroscience with the ancient wisdom of the mind-body connection, from eastern traditions. These are yours to keep.

Email Support Between Sessions

.We walk this path together, so if you need to check in between sessions for guidance on something you’re working through, or if a new challenge surfaces, I’m there by your side.

Completely personalised tools & techniques to support your mindset & your fertility

Tried & tested tools & techniques. So you can shift from stress, anxiety & overwhelm to feeling grounded, calmer & more resilient, & where your hope about the future can grow.

Written Resources to support your progress during & between each session

I provide comprehensive written resources to support much of the material we cover in each session. This allows you to take our work away to digest & go deeper, if you choose to. It also supports you to move forward with focus & purpose. And when our time together finishes, these resources are yours to keep & return to whenever you choose.

Access to my 12 years of experience in Fertility Mindset mentoring & support

No two clients are the same & no two journeys are the same, so the best support for you, will be unique to you. I draw on a rich & diverse wealth of professional training & experience built up over many years, & I bring the very best of what I have, to support you.

Your Investment

£85 per session

Contact me to arrange a FREE , no pressure telephone consultation, where I can answer your questions about IVF Mindset Coaching support, and we can see if what I offer feels right for you.

The 8 Stages of my Signature Mind-Body Program

Step 1: Supportive Sharing

Speaking your truth. Safe sharing. Shifting perspectives. Creating calm.

Step 2: Nurturing & Nourishing

Creating space for change. Soulful self-compassion. Taming the inner critic.

Step 3: Heart & Healing

Finding your pathway to Emotional Empowerment.

Step 4: Recognising & Releasing

Creating space for growth.

Step 5: Stepping Into Strength

The power of choice. Harnessing positivity in a healthy & helpful new way.

Step 6: Inner Resourcing

Re-connecting with your strong centre. Cementing lasting change.

Step 7: Focusing Forward

A fresh look at the future.

Step 8: Revealing & Reflecting

The insights & gold to take forward.

My signature Mind-Body programmes are unique & are based on over a decade of my collective experience working in this space. I have trained extensively and draw on the wisdom of true giants in the emotional wellbeing space. These include Tara Brach Phd, Dr. Kristin Neff, Dr. Rick Hanson, Shauna Shaphiro Phd, Chris Germer Phd, & Jon Kabat-Zinn Phd. They continue to be guiding lights in the creation & development of my programmes.

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