Hidden from view…

Are you suffering emotionally because of your fertility struggles? Have you stopped being able to live life fully and freely? Perhaps you feel pretty negative and out of control of this part of your life.

Do you find that you can get anxious for the next pregnancy announcement and are then unforgiving on yourself when feelings of jealousy and resentment bubble up? It may surprise you to know that many, many people who are facing fertility challenges, feel this same way, but it is often hidden from view. Working with me can help.

Stress, anger, overwhelm and sadness can all form part of the picture, along with fear – fear of failure, fear of the future or fear following previous failures or loss.

If you’re struggling emotionally, you’re not alone…

Perhaps you’re trying to conceive naturally but find that it’s starting to feel pressurising and very stressful. Perhaps you’re relationships are starting to suffer too. If you would like to explore how coaching support could help, please get in touch.

Perhaps you’re planning or are about to start medical treatment such as IVF or IUI, but feel emotionally unprepared for what lies ahead?

This may be your first attempt, your only attempt, your final chance or perhaps this time around follows on from previous failures. Fertility treatment interventions offer a precious opportunity but bring with them a whole new set of pressures.

If you’re planning IVF or assisted treatments click on the link below to find out more about the coaching I offer for IVF support. If you’re trying to conceive naturally please keep reading here….

how to cope with infertility when everyone else is pregnant
Calmer mind, calmer body – with Charlotte Green Fertility Coach

The emotional rollercoaster…

Like thousands of women like you, you may be struggling in silence, on an uncontrollable emotional rollercoaster that leaves you more and more exhausted and despondent as time passes by. Avoiding friends, ducking out of family gatherings, burying yourself in work – are these perhaps some of the ways you have tried to take back control. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your connection with your partner, as you both try to navigate this difficult chapter of your life.

Do you want to start navigating this journey differently?

Infertility has the potential to impact on every single part of your life. There can also be a sense of grief when you consider what you imagined this time in your life would look like. And perhaps the hardest thing of all is the uncertainty that inevitably surrounds the situation, as you are left wondering will it ever be my turn? If you want to start navigating your fertility journey in a new and more empowering way or would like support for what lies ahead, lets see if I can help.

Support for the road ahead…

Read on to find out about the work I do to help clients take back control of their everyday life, move to a place where they feel calmer, stronger and more resilient, and how I help them to navigate through their emotions & develop shifts of mindset that support them on their pathway forward.

If you are unsure about the difference between what I offer as a fertility coach, and the counselling support you can get from a infertility counsellor, you can find out more here.

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