Charlotte Green has 12 years experience, supporting clients struggling with infertility

I have had the privilege of supporting women, men and couples on their various pathways to parenthood for over 12 years.  In that time, I have been incredibly honoured to help hundreds of people from all walks of life, who have been faced with a wide range of different fertility challenges.   

It was whilst working as a fertility acupuncturist, that I was struck by how little specialist, emotional support was available for people struggling with infertility and I knew that this was something I absolutely wanted to change. I have witnessed again and again how struggling to conceive can be one of the greatest challenges anyone has to face. The emotional turmoil it creates has a rawness to it, rarely seen elsewhere in life.  What makes it so much harder, is that this suffering often goes un-talked about and unacknowledged.

Charlotte provides her clients with brilliantly insightful, non-judgemental guidance and support


Whenever people open up about their fertility struggles, one of the first and most frequent things I find them saying, is that they need help with their mindset. This is the focus of my work. Using a blend of carefully developed tool and techniques, I provide the support that is so often badly lacking for many on this journey.

I can’t tell you how much your support and understanding helped me get through a really tough time. You were a lifeline when I needed it most.


I have a First Degree in Science and went on to do a Post-graduate Diploma and Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. I am a certified Wellbeing Coach with my training accredited by both the Association for Coaching & the NHS Personalised Care Institute. I have completed specialist training focused specifically on supporting the emotional wellbeing of clients experiencing fertility challenges. I am also a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher registered with the British Association for Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA) and have carried out research within the NHS. I have followed a professional path that places supporting others for positive change, at its very heart.

My skills have been honed over many years of professional development training, experience and self-exploration.  I work from a place of deep empathy and compassion and I find a real richness in the transformational work I do.

My work is definitely not a one-size fits all. It is grounded in research & completely tailored to you. So I will only introduce tools, techniques & strategies that I believe are absolutely right for you & have powerful beneficial effects.

What struck me most at my first appointment was how good it was to finally talk to someone who understood how I was feeling and could empathise. That alone made such a difference…  I would like to thank Charlotte from the bottom of my heart for all of her personal support and time spent during the sessions. 


It perhaps won’t surprise you to know that I have my own story.  I know what it feels like to struggle with anxiety, fear, shame, guilt and self-doubt.  The approach I use with my clients, draws on the learning and wisdom I have gained on my own journey of deep healing and growth, and I speak as someone who knows. I believe that this helps me to be well placed to support you to better understand and overcome these types of challenges for yourself. 

Our minds can shape our whole world, for both good and bad.  But what I have learnt, through my own experiences and through my professional training, is that we have the power to shape the emotional landscape of our lives, our thoughts and our beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve.  I bring these insights to my work, and support my clients on their journeys of transformation and growth, as they pursue their own pathways forward. 

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