D I S C O N N E C T I O N… from friends, from family, from work colleagues… this can be a big one and often shows up when going through infertility.  The feeling of disconnection often has its roots in situations where personal fertility struggles are poorly acknowledged, misunderstood, discounted or even ignored. Unsurprisingly this creates a sense of being increasingly unseen.  This in turn can then feed an ongoing cycle of disillusionment which only serves to add fuel to the feeling of disconnection… and so we may find ourselves retreating even further. And so the cycle continues.

When clients get in touch with me, this cycle is often well established and there can be a sense of real despair at the seemingly impossible task of turning things around. Clients often intuitively sense that safe, gentle reconnection can offer a pathway to some healing, but they are often at a loss as to where to begin.  That’s where I come in.

Often we start by breaking things down…

Can you describe how you would like things to look in a month or twos time? Let’s get down to specifics who, where, when..

How can we make some easy wins? Are there some trusted people who feel like a really safe place to start? How would you do that? What would that look like for you? These small steps can rebuild a little confidence and spur you on.

Are there some gatekeepers, trusted individuals within your circle who do get it and can help you to educate others and so extend out your circle of reconnection further?

Are some boundaries needed? Perhaps an acknowledgement that there may be times in the rollercoaster monthly cycle when reconnection is harder, or perhaps some people who you may actually be better off without?

 Would it be ok to show a little vulnerability to allow trusted others to gain more insight into the suffering you are facing?

 Are you able to voice some of your needs within your relationships with others, in a way that feels OK for you?

As your coach I’m here every step of the way, to support you as the process unfolds, and share in the richness that can come from safely reconnecting with others in a way that feels absolutely right for you.

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