During their first session of fertility coaching, my clients have the opportunity to tell their story. It sounds very simple, but it can have huge therapeutic benefits. To feel truly heard, in a supportive and safe environment is healing in itself. For me personally hearing these courageous accounts has felt a real privilege over the years.

Sharing our painful and difficult stories, can bring up those emotions we hold close.. grief, sadness, anger, shame… But in a supportive and compassionate space making these often hidden experiences more visible, can help clients validate what they’ve been through and deepen their emotional insight and understanding. This can often be the first step to finding renewed strength, deep healing and the resilience to move forward.

Charlotte Green is a qualified fertility coach in the UK, with over 10 years of experience, in supporting clients on their journey to parenthood. She brings a wealth of experience, empathy and compassion to her transformative sessions which she provides via zoom. You can find out more about the support she offers here.

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