Natural support for your mind, body & fertility…

Living in the wait, when trying to conceive or going through assisted treatments, can be a hard & often lonely path to walk. You may see your anxiety & stress levels growing as you begin to feel increasingly out of control of your fertility journey. And it’s perhaps not surprising that many people going through infertility, describe the emotional distress as one of biggest issues they want to change.

Have you stopped enjoying life in the way you used to?

Perhaps you’re suffering emotionally because of your fertility struggles? You may have stopped being able to live life fully and freely & perhaps you feel pretty negative and out of control of this part of your life.

You might be getting anxious for the next pregnancy announcement and are then unforgiving on yourself when feelings of jealousy and resentment bubble up? You may feel anger, sadness & fear – fear of failure, fear of the future or fear following previous failures or loss.

This downward spiral of despair can have huge impacts on physical health, relationships & emotional wellbeing, which can make it feel like you are moving further away from your goal of having a baby, not closer to it.

If you’re struggling emotionally, you’re not alone…

It may surprise you to know that many, many people who are facing fertility challenges, feel this same way, but it is often hidden from view. As an experienced fertility coach specialising in supporting your emotional wellbeing, I see you and I can help in a way that can bring powerful benefits for your mind & body.

Research has found that mind-body programs increase the likelihood of fertility success…

The mind & body are completely interconnected & this has been well understood in eastern medicine for many thousands of years. As a certified Wellbeing Coach with masters degree training in traditional Chinese Medicine I understand this more than most. Our minds are incredibly powerful & when we know how, we can use this power to bring emotional & physical healing & transformational change. This is at the heart of the work I do.

All sessions are live on Zoom & last for 90 minutes. There are 8 core sessions in the program. However I believe in meeting you where you are & offering something that feels flexible. So you can choose fewer or more sessions depending on what you feel you need & you are completely free to progress at your own pace.

Reduce the stress of infertility with fertility coaching

Taking back control of your fertility journey…

I provide a completely personalised blend of coaching, emotions work, deep relaxation & visualisation. These tools & techniques are foundational for good emotional & mental health during infertility. So you can begin to feel calmer, more resilient & more emotionally in control – a powerful shift for both your mind & body. I also combine the latest research in neuroscience with insights from ancient eastern medicine in visualisation practices to support your wellbeing & your fertility at each stage of the menstrual cycle and for each stage of fertility treatment.

I support individuals and couples to move from overwhelm and “just about coping”, to a place where they feel calmer, more energised… where they feel more able to live fully “in the wait”, and where their sense of hope about the future, can grow.

The emotional rollercoaster…

Like thousands of women like you, you may be struggling in silence, on an uncontrollable emotional rollercoaster that leaves you more and more exhausted and despondent as time passes by. Avoiding friends, ducking out of family gatherings, burying yourself in work – are these perhaps some of the ways you have tried to take back control. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your connection with your partner, as you both try to navigate this difficult chapter of your life.

Do you want to start navigating this journey differently?

Infertility has the potential to impact on every single part of your life. There can also be a sense of grief when you consider what you imagined this time in your life would look like. And perhaps the hardest thing of all is the uncertainty that inevitably surrounds the situation, as you are left wondering will it ever be my turn? If you want to start navigating your fertility journey in a new and more empowering way or would like support for what lies ahead, lets see if I can help.

Unravel the overwhelm & create calmness, clarity & greater resilience…

Whether trying to conceive naturally or going through assisted treatments such as IVF or IUI, this process helps clients to not only feel better, it can bring healing & an increased sense of connection between mind & body. This is naturally supportive for emotional, physical & fertility health.

During our time together, clients typically experience significant shifts in their awareness and perspective. They have the chance to rediscover their inner resources and develop a greater sense of agency, as they begin to reclaim their life & their fertility journey.

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